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      • Why us?

        People talk, sales grow!

        Contact us to work together and to present your business in a most dignified way.


        We are looking for people who wants to develop their business in long term.


        We have professional experience in managing projects up to 250 000 EU.


        We developed 4 STEP system for quality control and 16 STEP system for tracking customer satisfaction


        Our entire team has been through numerous trainings on modern management and innovation with internationally recognized authority.


        Yaniv Dinur, Phd (Israel)
        Takayuki Mukai (Japan)
        Mario Gil Medrano (Spain)
        Anja-Karina Pahl (UK)
        Umberto Trulli (Italy)
        Alessandro Addari (Italy)
        Ognyan Vasilev (Bulgaria)


        We are specialized in the following areas:


        TOC – Theory of constraints
        CCPM – Critical chain project management
        Creating business systems with 0% defects
        How to export our products to international market?
        Constructing and improvement System for financial success


        We can be very helpful to you for creating a construction or upgrade for your business system and!


        Thank you for your time!


        Studio Grace & Boo

        System quality control, monitoring and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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